Website Blunders – Using Flash Splash Pages

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Website Blunders – Using Flash Splash Pages

Flash splash pages are often used as an introductory page to your web site. They are trendy right now, popular with many web designers as a way to show off their abilities. They often offer graphics, animation or a short movie before visitors can enter the site. While flash splash pages can be colorful and attention grabbing you should consider the problems with using them before putting it on your site.

The biggest drawback to using flash splash pages is that they tend to be annoying to many users. In fact, a recent survey found that almost 25% of all site visitors left the site after viewing (or starting to view) the flash. This can take away greatly from your potential 토토검증업체 customer base. You have gotten someone interested enough to visit your site. Try not to scare them away by using flash splash. While most web sites offer a choice of skipping this intro, many people don’t use that option because they aren’t familiar with it.

Your first page is the first impression that others have of your site. If many people don’t like this format you are giving them a poor image of your company before they even enter it. Many people who have visited the site already can become bored after the first time.

Another problem with using flash splash pages is that you probably won’t be able to get a high ranking with search engines because there simply isn’t anything to look at, keyword-wise. Some designers add keywords to the comments section of the page, however, you can be penalized for using spamdexing techniques.

A big drawback to using flash splash pages is that very often you just don’t convey the information you need to in the page. You want to be sure to tell customers what your business is, what you sell and a little about yourself. If potential customers can’t find that quickly and easily because of a flash splash they are likely to look elsewhere. With competition on the Internet being very strong you are best to avoid doing anything that can make your potential customers leave before buying.

Before attempting to use a flash splash page take your customers into account. If your product or service caters to a younger crowd you may do alright with a flash page. But for the most part, older customers are less apt to want to deal with yet another flash page. Many people still use slower connections or computers where the page takes a long time to load. Instead, try using a clean, bright home page that is attractive and easy to use for everyone.

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