Tinnitus Treatment – 4 Ways of Treating Tinnitus Naturally

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Tinnitus Treatment – 4 Ways of Treating Tinnitus Naturally

Your doctor has just told you that there is no medical cure for your tinnitus. Would you give up? Believe it or not, most people would just continue to suffer in silence without realizing that there is an alternative approach to tinnitus treatment. These natural approaches are:

  1. Homeopathic” treatment. You treat your tinnitus using “natural” remedies such as aconite, apis mellifica, mustard seed, sulphite of quinine, belladonna, chamomilla, ferrum, bisulphide of carbon, lycopodium, pulsatilla vulgaris, and silicea (just to name a few).
  2. Herbal” remedies. For example the use of the popular Gingko Biloba herb is said to cure some tinnitus sufferers. This will have a greater impact to those tinnitus sufferers with insufficient blood supply to the inner ear. The effect of Gingko Biloba will help in the increase of the blood flow to the inner ear. But before you take Gingko Biloba, consult your doctor first especially if you have Silencil blood circulation disorder or if you are taking blood thinners. Other examples of herbal remedies include sesame seeds, goldenseal, spinach, flower seeds, burdock root, onion juice (you squeeze a few drops into the affected ear), bayberry bark, and rosemary.
  3. Vitamin” based treatment. Using vitamins such as A, beta carotene, B, C, E and Zinc. For some tinnitus sufferers, they may be lacking in some vitamins. By following a diet incorporating some of the above vitamins, this has brought relief to some tinnitus sufferers.
  4. Holistic” based treatment means taking a balanced approach to treating the body as a whole by eating a healthy diet, doing meditation, acupuncture, yoga, massage, acupressure. This means a change to ones lifestyle. Besides treating your tinnitus, you will also have a healthier life. Also in this category is controlling your stress level and learning to be more relaxed as stress is known to cause tinnitus.

So which one of the above tinnitus treatment should you follow? Well, you first need to determine the root cause of your tinnitus. Actually the very, very first steps you should take is to visit your doctor to ascertain that there is nothing physically wrong with your ears. It could be as simple as removing earwax. Once your doctor finds nothing wrong with your ears, then you can start your journey by following a series of simple steps to determine the cause of your tinnitus. From this, you can then follow one of the tinnitus treatment from the above list

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