A Look at the Life of Famous Artists – Book Review

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A Look at the Life of Famous Artists – Book Review

Who is Jack Mason? For a moment, I want to assume that you have read at least a few biographies of other famous celebrities, such as author Johnny Depp. If Jack Mason is still fresh in your mind, it’s because he starred in one of the most popular films of recent years, the Magnificent Seven. In this period of Hollywood rejuvenation and popularity, the Magnificent Seven was considered by many to be one of the best films of its time, and it also won eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture Who is Jack Mason.

It was also during this time that another actor of note, George Clooney, also put out a best-selling book about his life. That book, naturally, was called Confessions of an Unwary Virgin. As you may imagine, both of these actors are still widely regarded as very beloved celebrities. But what else did they have in common, besides their fame and romantic lives?

The answer is Who is Jack Mason, and it’s as gripping and fascinating as any novel I’ve ever read. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live life like a famous person – or, in this case, a celebrity – then you’ll be glad to know that Mr. Mason gives you just that experience in this great novel. This is a deeply spiritual book, that tackles the nature of human existence itself. In a world where almost everything is a product, manufactured by man, can a genuine ‘life of the spirit’ really exist? And if so, how can we tap into it to enrich our lives?

Mason’s provocative questions and unique perspectives change the way we look at art – and, quite honestly, life in general. He asks us to consider the idea of the artist as being in some way superior to, or even superior to, the factory that makes the products we see in retail stores. Who is Jack Mason shows us that an artist is not necessarily someone who stands behind a desk, creating masterpieces in the air, but someone who looks deep into the world and understands how it works. He asks us to examine the work we do each day and ask ourselves if that work has a deeper purpose or is it merely a routine transaction?

Who is Jack Mason is a quick and enjoyable book to read, with Mason’s voice filling the text. However, the way he asks questions and his analyses of how and why we make the decisions we do – some of which are remarkably similar to those he points out in his other books – give the text a truly engaging quality that keeps you reading. Mason writes as if he’s talking to you from his own experiences, and that’s a quality that immediately impresses the reader. Mason brings a great sense of credibility and belief to the topic of making art, and one that’s refreshingly original and different from what most artists tend to offer. In Who is Jack Mason, you’re never short of ideas or options, and the book’s wide-ranging discussions make it a very interesting read.

Who is Jack Mason isn’t just a fascinating glimpse into the artist’s psyche, however. Through the insightful and humorous conversations that follow after each piece, we are also allowed a look into the personal lives of those who are either fans of the arts or involved with them, as well. Mason also interviews several famous painters and others who share their opinions on art and what it means to them. By taking a critical eye to his subject, as well as drawing from a wealth of information available to him throughout his life, this is a very insightful book that anyone who values art and the creative should definitely pick up.

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