What’s So Great About The Caribou Instagram Account?

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What’s So Great About The Caribou Instagram Account?

The Caribou Instagram account is the latest in a long line of social networking accounts that the Calgary, Alberta based brand has launched. Unlike many of its competitors, the Instagram page does seem to be more than just an Instagram account. Users can upload pictures directly from their phones to the account. This is in addition to the ability to send images from their computer. Users can also comment on other people’s images and upload their own. While the brand’s main focus appears to be on mobile marketing, it appears that the company may have other plans as well.

One of the features of the Caribou Instagram account that sets it apart from most of its competitors is the “Like” feature. Unlike most social networks, which limit the number of people that can like an image, the Caribou Instagram allows any user to Like an image. This means that if 100 users Like an image, then it will appear on the Facebook timeline. Additionally, users can comment on other people’s images and upload their own. While the ability to comment on images and upload ones yourself is a feature available with many social networks, it seems that this one is unique to the brand.

Like is also useful for the brand in that it allows users to track the conversations taking place on the Instagram account. In fact, many of the promotional posts are not simply screenshots of existing posts; rather, they are advertisements for new products and specials. Since the brand is advertising its own product in an ad, it is only natural that the account would allow users to interact with it Caribou instagram.

The “Like” function on the Caribou Instagram page also enables users to promote their posts. A button located on the right hand side of the page will cause all followers of the post to “Like” it. If 100 people “Like” an image, then it will appear on the Facebook timeline. The cost to the brand, however, appears to be the limited options that it displays in its interface. Unlike the Bio displayed beneath the picture on the Instagram account, the “Like” option does not bring up additional options that users can change.

The user interface of the Caribou Instagram account is simple and relatively lacking in overall polish. The lack of polish is noticeable, even when viewing the video feed from the account. One might expect a high-end brand such as Caribou to have taken the time to make its interface as flawless as possible. Unfortunately, it seems that this is not the case. Users who are searching for an Instagram client that is easy to use and looks great should pass by the brand.

While there are some glaring issues with the Caribou Instagram account, they pale in comparison to the complete lack of response the brand has garnered since being launched. Despite the issues that the brand has faced, they have still managed to sell out over a hundred thousand units. It may be difficult for other brands to sell out so quickly, but it is not impossible. With a product that is so incredibly popular, coupled with a solid marketing strategy, success is clearly in the cards for the brand. For those who would like to follow along with their favorite Caribou Instagram user, the official site can be found here.

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