Caribou Has a Twitter

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Caribou Has a Twitter

Is it possible for the caribou to use Twitter while hunting these days? That was one of my questions while participating in an online think tank which happens to operate the same kind of blog I do. I’m talking about our Think Tank which happens to consist of about sixty members. Not long ago, one of our member proposed the idea that the caribou could use Twitter while hunting. I believe this is possible because there are actually times that the caribou’s location is known. This means that the caribou can tell if something is there by using its natural instinct, which I’m sure you’re aware of.

So, does the caribou have a twitter? If it’s a functional browser like most of the mobile Twitter tools then the answer is yes. If you were wondering what the difference between a functional browser and a real browser is, here it is. In a real browser, you are able to scroll horizontally along your screen and you can pinch in and out and move the pointer along.

You also get to see the words like @yourownonthefollowers which is what the caribou’s twitter feed will look like. What’s more, you get to see the pictures posted by other people on the photo sharing service. In a functional browser, you don’t get to see any of this. But with a browser like Tweetdeck or Safari, you can see all the tweets from the caribou’s followers and this can give you a general idea of what they are up to. Now, when you do the hunting season in October, you would be able to use this information to tell what decoys to look for.

For instance, during hunting season, the caribou likes to post tweets like, “Seems like all we have a deer for the whole day. Hunting close wood. Seems like no one has come for a ride.” If you have a powerful search tool, you will be able to use this to find out where the caribou has been and how many miles it has covered.

A hunting trip is a very important part of the Canadian winter, so what better way to stay in touch than through a Twitter account? This helps the hunters know if there is something worth pursuing and gives them updates on the weather and the terrain as well. What better way is there for a business, which offers the most effective and resourceful tracking for their clients? The caribou does caribou have a twitter, and that means now you too can follow it, once you download it from their website.

If you want to download the does caribou have a twitter, make sure to follow them first so you don’t get caught with your pants down. The Canadian authorities have been searching the internet for these caribou, which have been found dead in some areas. The Twitter account of the company has been active ever since; it even posted pictures of the animals last week, as well as messages about “praying for the return of the caribou.” The last message posted, said: “We are currently investigating the situation and believe it’s a local caribou. Keep your eyes open for news.”

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