Why You Need To Make The Size Of Your Videos Small

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Why You Need To Make The Size Of Your Videos Small

If you want to make videos to promote your online business, then you will want to keep your video files as small as possible. Why is this? Well, imagine if you do a lot of video marketing… if you’re uploading raw video files, your files can easily be around 250MB to 800MB large. It would probably take you 1 day and a half to fully upload this video.

This is why you will want a video converter. With the right video converter, you can transform these large videos into smaller, yet still high-quality files. You can virtually retain 100% audio and image quality. The most preferred converter file to be uploaded online is “flash video”.

There are 2 kinds of flash video files. There is “SWF”, and “FLV”. I’m sure you’ve probably seen the “SWF” version more frequently than “FLV” – but FLV is still as high quality as SWF. With a good converter software, you can take that large, raw video file… and shrink it to a 50MB video file… with virtually all quality retained youtube video mp4 downloader.

If you have a fast, high speed internet connection at home, it will take you around 5 minutes to upload a 50MB video to your site – or to a video directory (like YouTube). If you don’t have a fast, high speed internet connection, it will take you forever to upload an 800MB file. In fact, the connection may “time out” on you. Which basically means that your session will have to be reset, and you will have to re-upload the large file again.

If you have a slow internet connection, with a 50MB size file, you can still upload the file online successfully – still at an acceptable rate. So you will definitely want to convert your “MP4”, “WMV”, and “AVI” files into flash. You’re videos will upload faster, and it will play faster whenever a user views your video. And this is a very important thing.

If you upload a video to your site for someone to view, and you want the video to be embedded on your site, in the form of a flash file… you are going to need a relatively small file size so that your viewers can view it as soon as possible. You want to strive for FAST video playback.

The one thing that makes a visitor upset is a video that doesn’t load fast. And along with that, viewers don’t like it when they have to download a large video file from your site, and then play it in a program like Windows Media Player.

It will take them a long time just to download 1 video. And with some ISP companies (particularly satellite internet), they give you a daily threshold that when exceeded, will cause you to have EXTREMELY slow loading pages for 24 hours.

And by the time the webpage finishes downloading, guess what… the page will “time out” – and they will have to hit the refresh button to try and get the simple webpage to load. It’s a painful process.

If you’re planning on uploading video files online to your website, stick with flash format videos. Find a good video converter software that will convert these videos into smaller sized videos, and you will be good to go.

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