Breast Self Examination With Partners

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Breast Self Examination With Partners

Have I Lost The Plot?
Partners assisting with breast self examination….well girls, you probably think I have lost the plot completely, suggesting your partners help you with your regular breast self exam. However….. I actually think it can be a great idea and encourage you to think about this option.

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Firstly – My Mothers Fear
Many women experience a deep fear in doing their breast self examination. This is a very normal and natural feeling, being a real fear for many of us, including my mother.

After talking to my mother about the importance of doing regular breast self exam, she went home to attempt hers. It wasn’t long until she rang me, saying she was simply too frightened to start. I told her that I hoped she would not find a breast lump, but if she were to find one, at least it would be smaller than what it would be, if she did not examine her breasts, and it was found at a later date.

It was a normal feeling my mother had, and it is one that many others share. We talked over the basics and she went ahead doing her breast exam, and was happy to ring me later to say that she had completed it visit site.

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway
Some women would prefer not to understand breast self exam, rather than know they may have signs of breast cancer. They would rather go on with life, simply not knowing. That fear can have implications with their health. I understand that fear. However there is a saying, “feel the fear and do it anyway”. I rather like that saying. So it’s OK to feel scared, it’s OK to be nervous, but it is not OK to not do regular breast self examination.

Once you know when to do your self breast exam, and know how to do your breast examination, you can cross that off your to-do list. Now its a matter of doing them each month and getting to know your breasts. The more you do your breast exam, the more comfortable you will be. For young adults and teenagers, breast tenderness can be an issue, so don’t forget to share this information with them!

Grab Your Partner
Why not ask your partner to help you with your breast exam. Chances are that up until this point, they may be more familiar with your breasts, than what you are, and may notice changes earlier. So why not ask them to help you. This will give you support and some courage to get your breast exam over and done with. Having your partner assist you, makes it all seem not so scary.

Check Your Mate
It is possible for men to have male breast cancer, so your man needs to be doing a regular breast exam as well. Involving your partner can help them be aware of the risks and signs of male breast cancer. The days of men thinking that breast cancer is just a female disease are over.

Whatever It Takes
Hey, I think you need to do whatever it takes, to get the job done! Just make sure your partner remembers that the idea is to be doing a breast examination….if you get what I mean girls!

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