How to Succeed in Life – Spend Time With Eagles

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How to Succeed in Life – Spend Time With Eagles

Last Sunday while cleaning my closet, I found a book, ‘Collection of Short Stories’ revised and edited, collected from anonymous sources. My father must have bought this for me, when I was a child, and I never got time to read even a single story. This story book had a disclaimer on the first page that read: ‘Read at your own risk, you may change forever’. Well the first story goes like this…

Year 2040 – In the backyard of Kentucky Friend Chicken (KFC), Bangalore branch there was a mango tree. This mango tree had an eagle nest. One day the wind was blowing hard, and an eaglet fell from the nest on to the ground. Luckily the eaglet fell on the dry grass (got away with minor injuries), which was placed by the KFC kitchen staff for the pullets to feed on. The hen saw the injured eaglet, and decided to nurture the eaglet along with the other pullets. After a few weeks the eaglet regained strength, and was able to walk. The favorite time pass of the eaglet and other pullets was to play hide-and-seek, and eat baby corn 3/4 times a day. After a few months the eaglet matured into a full-fledged gorgeous eagle and looked different from others pullets. The pullets were also mature, and could feel that the eagle looked different ipcc coaching in bangalore.

Over a period of time the eagle was sick of eating corn, and one day pounced on a rat running in the backyard. The hens started shouting, “Leave the rat alone”, and the eagle had no choice but to let the rat go. The hens scolded the eagle, and told the eagle that hens didn’t eat rats. One day, while playing hide-and-seek the eagle was hiding on the roof, and while coming down managed a decent glide. The eagle started to show off his gliding skills to the other hens, and eventually the mother got fed up and told him, “Stop doing that, Chickens don’t fly”. The eagle believed this and got on with his daily routine of playing and eating corn. One day a female eagle spotted this gorgeous eagle sitting on the KFC roof top, and decided to entice him to fly with her. The eagle rejected the offer, and said, “I can’t fly, I am a chicken”. The female eagle was angry and left.

After few weeks the female eagle saw the same eagle playing with the chickens in the barn and was shocked. The female eagle killed a rat and bought that for the eagle to eat. The female eagle convinced the eagle that it was ‘Ok’ to eat rat, and that it was very tasty. The eagle ate the rat, and thanked the female eagle. After that day, both eagles started spending time on the roof top. A few weeks passed, and female eagle said that it was time for the male eagle to fly and come with her, but the eagle was not convinced, and didn’t fly. The eagle went to the roof top everyday and waited for the female eagle. One day from the roof he spotted her, and waived at her, she shouted, “Come, fly with me”. The eagle took a leap of faith, and fluttered his wings, and soared into the sky. He glided, soared, dived, and flew with the female eagle. The eagle flew higher and higher and reached the zenith, and could see the magnificent world from greater heights.

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