Windows Update – Is It Really That Important?

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Windows Update – Is It Really That Important?

In laymen’s terms, Windows Update is Microsoft’s way of telling users that they have discovered a way hackers and other criminals can invade your privacy, destroy or alter your files, or just give you and others a very bad headache.

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Windows is an operating system that is dependent upon software or code to make it work properly. As hackers and computer geeks get smarter and figure out ways to break the code, more code has to be added or updated to prevent attacks on hardware and software.

Why is it important?

Windows Updates can be compared to a recall on an automobile or a child car seat. When a problem or a potential threat is discovered by the manufacturer download windows 11, they will send out notification that there is something they would like to do to correct the problem. In a similar manner, when Microsoft discovers a problem or potential threat, they will send out notification via Windows Update that downloading the current update will ensure that your machine is up to date.

Hopefully, if a car seat manufacturer sent you a recall notice about the car seat you own for your little bundle of joy, you would take immediate action to have it replaced. Likewise, if your car manufacturer sent notice that your car could possibly catch on fire, hopefully you would take car of that promptly too.

Windows Update should be treated the same way. If you don’t want trouble later on in the form of viruses, spyware, adware, or worse, it’s a good idea to download Windows Updates as soon as they are released.

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