I’ve Been With My SEO Company for a Month Now, When Will I Be Found on the First Page?

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I’ve Been With My SEO Company for a Month Now, When Will I Be Found on the First Page?

Starting an SEO campaign is an exciting time for any business, and the thought of being on the first page can be especially exciting. However, a popular misconception is that one month is enough to bring you to the first page, and start bringing in scores more customers than what you have now.

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It’s important to remember that the process of SEO takes time, and there are several factors that can affect how long it takes for your SEO campaign to start yielding results Oliver Wood Perth.

The age of your website

This is perhaps one of the most important variables to consider. An older site will generally experience higher rankings and traffic due to the fact that they have been around longer, and Google sees them as having more authority in their particular field. If you have a new site, then it will take time to get Google to ‘trust’ your site, and give it decent rankings.

The competitiveness of your keywords

The competitiveness of the keywords that make up your campaign also play a big part in determining the success of your campaign. Choosing highly competitive keywords means that more effort is required in getting your site found for them, and this effort takes time. Regardless of the age of your website, it is generally quite difficult to achieve first page rankings for keywords that are highly competitive. To overcome this, your SEO provider will pick less competitive and lower traffic keywords and get you found for those, and then progressively build your campaign up to include the highly competitive keywords.

Changes to your site that disrupt SEO

Most clients of SEO companies will have a web designer or developer that is in charge of the site, and issues have occurred in the past where SEO work or coding added by the SEO company has been removed by the developer or designer. The removal of these changes in most cases will affect SEO, and often sees a significant drop in the Google rankings for the client’s site. In essence, this means the campaign needs to be rebuilt with all the SEO related changes re-added to the site, and then there is the wait for Google to re-index the site, which means first page results are a longer wait.

Changes to the Google algorithms

There are SEO clients out there who see this is an excuse that SEO companies use if there are poor rankings or traffic – this is not the case in most instances, and you can easily check by doing a search for Google algorithm changes. There are usually plenty of articles and blog posts around this if such a change does occur. Google does periodically make changes to its algorithms, which sees some shuffling around when it comes to rankings associated with your site. This is due to the fact that Google is deciding where to rank your site in accordance to the new algorithm, and the process can go on for about four to six weeks before the rankings start to settle down.

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