Change Your Nutrition and You Change Your Future – Part 2

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Change Your Nutrition and You Change Your Future – Part 2

Have you ever heard the saying that “you are what you eat”? This is actually not entirely accurate. The same research has now proven that you are NOT really what you eat- you are actually what you ABSORB at the cellular level. When they studied the vast majority of these nutritional diseases, they found they are not the result of inadequate nutrients in your diet. These diseases are caused by not getting the necessary nutrients into your system due to mal-absorption. Your body must be able to break down and utilize what you are eating in order to be healthy and prevent diseases.

At New York University, they looked at the way people’s immune system functions. These studies showed that people who had been taking care of their nerve system for 5 years or longer had 400% more immunity than cancer patients. These people in the studies also had a 200% higher immune system function than the average person in our general population in the United States. The reason that I point this out in an advanced nutrition article is simple. This research proves that someone with a healthy nerve system can also absorb the nutrients out of what they are eating over 200% better than someone with an unhealthy nerve system. Remember, your nerves control your organs. So if your organs are not functioning well due to poor nerve supply, then no matter what you eat, you will not be health over time. Your body will break down and get sick at some point. It is only a matter of time.

When you apply these principles of proper nutrition, you can prevent or reverse most diseases. I am trying to teach you how to eat, on a daily basis, in a way that will balance your system and stabilize your body chemistry. Every time you take a drug or medication into your body, it causes an immediate imbalance in your chemistry. This imbalance in body chemistry interferes with absorption, and severely alters the function of the organs. Drugs in general cause a toxic reaction to your body as well. I am not saying that there are not circumstances where you need to take medications in a state of crisis. What I am trying to teach you is how to avoid being in a health crisis in the first place.

We are 5% of the world’s population in the United States and yet we consume 65% of the prescription drugs that are manufactured on the planet. This “take a pill for everything” mentality is anything but a healthy lifestyle choice. One of the main problems with the foods that we eat is that they contain so many chemicals and preservatives. These chemicals, hormones, steroids and preservatives throw off our body’s internal chemistry. This, too, is very toxic to the body, so taking prescription medications on top of a diet full of  Sonavel  chemicals has an extremely negative effect on our health. We need to learn how to do things in a more natural way.

I’d like to touch on what I call the 2% rule. I talk about the 2% rule to inspire you to make these lifestyle changes and to do what is necessary to clean up your diet. This can’t be just another article full of suggestions that you print off of your computer and then stick in the drawer of your desk. You have to be willing to make these small changes that I am suggesting consistently over time. Look at some examples of things that have happened to people I know personally, and then we’ll ask ourselves some important questions:

A 15 year old had a heart attack at basketball practice

A father of three died of cancer at age 44

50% of all 6 month olds have already had their first round of antibiotics

A local teacher in Colorado just recently died of leukemia at age 37

A four year old died of “unknown causes”

A father of five died of a heart attack with no prior symptoms at age 42

Another 6 year old died of the side effects of having taken antibiotics

A grandfather is in a nursing home in diapers at age 65, taking 8 prescriptions a day. He doesn’t even know who he is and can’t feed himself

It is likely that if these same individuals were eating correctly, trying to avoid drugs and medications except in a health crisis, getting their nerve system checked and exercising regularly, these things may not have happened. They may have at least extended their lives or added some quality of life to their years. What I teach is also about the quality of life that you will live over the next 10, 20 or even 50 years. Are you beginning to understand that what happens in your body 10 and 20 years from now starts with the decisions and choices you make today? If you will simply improve your choices by 2% per week, and apply them consistently over time, there is a good chance that you will start improving your level of health and extending your life immediately. If you do the math on 2% per week improvement over an entire year, you can see that this is 104% improvement in lifestyle! How much better off would you be by the end of next year than you are this year?

This is what I describe as “helping people hear the roar of the falls”. Imagine yourself in a row boat. You are approaching the edge of Niagara Falls but you don’t have any oars. There is nothing you can do at that point as you begin to hear “the roar of the falls”. The moral to the story is not to end up at the edge of the falls in the first place. You must learn to hear “the roar of the falls” in your health long before you are in a state of crisis. You need to make the right choices and the proper changes ahead of time to make sure you don’t get in a bad health situation in the first place. You can’t let yourself get sick from not taking care of yourself, from taking multiple drugs for years at a time, from not eating correctly and getting enough exercise, and then expect to “bail out” of the crisis by taking another pill. The things I just mentioned above are the same things that are going to kill you early if you are not making the changes necessary to prevent disease from developing in your body in the first place.

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