An Objective Review Of The Oppo A53 Smartphone

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An Objective Review Of The Oppo A53 Smartphone

When it comes to high performance mobile phones, the Oppo A53 from Samsung has a lot to offer. With four high definition camera sensors, a wide colour spectrum, and an advanced noise reduction technology, it makes capturing photos and videos easy no matter what your subject is. You can upload to social media sites, view live TV channels, listen to your favourite songs, edit and manage your photo collection, capture a video, and much more Oppo a53.

OPPO A53 Specs | OPPO Global

The Oppo A53 with an ultra fast 90hz refresh rate lets you enjoy videos, games, and keep abreast of the hottest trending hashtags in one smooth and fluid screen. A Dazzle of Light Clear Glass Display With an eye-catching 3D illuminated Wave Design skillfully pleated to provide texture, see the brilliant reflections of crystallized light, or simply enjoy the warm colours of deep ocean waters. With a large bright screen, you are never short of viewing everything with clarity. The Oppo A53 has a high definition camera that allows you to enjoy the rich colours of nature’s wonders with ease. The front-facing camera has a color filters option as well. It offers a 5 megapixel resolution and offers a complete control over the features and the software of your smartphone.

With a price tag of $400, the Oppo A53 looks like it could be the perfect smartphone. The Oppo A53 review team however, gives this smartphone a rating of only “4” because it lacks some key features of other smartphones currently on the market. Despite the lack of key features, the A53 manages to retain its cool theme and stylish looks.

Despite the low grade of the camera of the Oppo A53, which is mediocre at best, the phone also does not come out looking cheap. If you want to get the most for your money, the best thing to do is to buy a high-end smartphone like the iPhone or an Android device. In this respect, the Oppo A53 fails to deliver. Its cost is on par with many mid-range smartphones currently available in the market. Therefore, if you are looking for an iPhone or an Android device with an extremely low price tag, the Oppo A53 is not the right choice for you.

The Oppo A53 also lacks support for certain standard android applications, like the Google Maps application. However, the manufacturer has taken steps to remedy this issue by providing a free downloadable version of the Maps app through its app store. In fact, the company even offers a free demo version of its new app for download. In spite of all this, the battery of the Oppo A53 is the most impressive one of all mobiles in the market today.

As was mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article, the battery of the Oppo A53 lasts for a long time. It has been able to manage over twenty hours of entertainment and over five to six hours of talk time on the phone. It is due to its powerful and long lasting battery that the battery life of this smartphone is so long. When it comes to standby power, this smartphone manages to deliver more than eight hours of power backup. In short, with a powerful combination of good looks, high quality hardware and a long battery, the Oppo A53 review can be called a success.

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