Acid Reflux Diet – 8 Tips for You to Follow

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Acid Reflux Diet – 8 Tips for You to Follow

If you have acid reflux disease, you may want to try to use alternatives before you get into taking harsh medications. First, try making some lifestyle changes to see if they work for you. Your doctor can give you some information and help with that. A change in diet is the first thing that can help reduce your acid reflux symptoms. An acid reflux diet is usually simple to follow and easy for you to make the changes with. This article is designed to help you understand some ideas for the acid reflux diet.

Losing Weight Helps

Losing weight is a good idea for anyone who is overweight whether he or she has acid reflux or not. If you can loose up to 10% of the weight you have now, you may see a difference in the acid reflux symptoms. In an acid reflux diet, you will practice eating less calories and start exercising each day as they can help you lower your weight faster.

No Large Meals, Especially Before Bed

Many of the acid reflux diets available will tell you to start eating more frequently and keep the meals small. You do not want to eat a lot of food at bedtime either. Your stomach is likely to produce more acid when it is digesting a meal so you do not want to Acidaburn lie down to sleep and wake up with acid reflux. The acid is more likely to come up when you lie down so you may want to prop yourself up while you sleep.

Stay Upright After Meals

Lying down is a bad thing when you suffer from acid reflux disease. The gravity from being down can help the acid to come back up into the esophagus. Sit or stand for at least one hour after you finish eating.

High Complex Carbohydrates

High complex carbohydrates are the ones that everyone has been told to avoid, it can help help if you eat foods such as bread and pasta that have complex carbohydrates as they will actually help to soak up the acid and keep it down where it belongs.

No Fast Foods

The fat content in fast foods is an absolute no for acid reflux sufferers. An acid reflux diet requires that you stay clear of high fat foods as they cause the stomach to produce more acid because of the high fat content. You are more apt to gain weight with fast food, giving your acid reflux symptoms an added boost.

Get Rid of the Alcohol

If you consume any amount of alcohol, you will need to reduce or stop it altogether. Alcohol actually encourages the stomach to produce more acid. It also relaxes the esophagus muscles (esophageal sphincter) so they can not close properly. The esophageal sphincter is located at the top of the stomach and the bottom of the esophagus. When the muscles of the esophageal sphincter do not work right, the stomach contents are able to leak back up toward the mouth and cause irritation.

Acid Producing Foods

Acid reflux diets are designed to help you stay away from foods that make stomach acid rise. Some of these foods are coffee, citrus foods, tomatoes, spicy food, alcohol and chocolate. Thus, you need to avoid eating these foods as much as possible.

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