Four Tips for a Safer Online Dating Experience

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Four Tips for a Safer Online Dating Experience

With so many of us living busier and busier lives, it is increasingly difficult to meet people the old fashioned way. If you do not care for the bar scene, and if you are tired of being fixed up by well meaning but often clueless friends and family members, online dating can be a good alternative. After all, so much of our lives take place online these days anyway. Why not add dating to your list of online activities speed dating?

But while online dating can be a rewarding experience, and even a great way to meet the love of your life, there are dangers as well. Learning how to spot signs of trouble, and paying attention to that little voice inside your head, can keep you away from these dangers without compromising the promise of online dating 交友app推薦.

Meet in a Neutral Location

When going out on a first date, avoid having your date pick you up at your home. This is true whether you are dating online or not. Inviting a stranger, even a potential love connection, to your home is simply a bad idea. Instead, agree to meet in a neutral location, like a restaurant or shopping mall convenient to both of you 識男朋友.

Be sure to tell your date what you will be wearing so he or she can spot you in the crowd. After you meet and get to know each other better, you can exchange addresses, but meeting in a central location the first couple times is the best strategy.

Set Up a Lunch Date

Nighttime might be the traditional time for dates, but it is not the perfect time for a first date with a stranger you only know from an online dating profile. For that all important first date, consider setting up a lunch date at your favorite restaurant, or at a restaurant your date recommends.

You will be more comfortable meeting during the daytime, and the lunch date will give you a chance to see if you two are compatible before you take your relationship further. Just try to schedule the lunch date for a weekend, or a day both of you have off from work – you don’t want your first date to feel rushed.

Google is Your Friend

These days you can learn a lot about a person simply by typing his or her name into Google and taking a look at what pops out. Everything from those photos of a drunken sorority party to a professional profile on LinkedIn are likely to come spilling out of that simple web search.

When Googling your potential love connection, it helps if the person has a somewhat unusual name. If you are dating John Smith or Jane Doe, a simple Google search probably won’t get you very far. The more information you can add to the search, the more accurate the results will be, so if you know your where your date lives, or where he or she went to school, you can narrow down the search results a little further.

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