How Do You Build Rapport, Trust and Credibility?

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How Do You Build Rapport, Trust and Credibility?

So how do you build rapport, trust and credibility if you are involved in network marketing, multi level marketing or attraction marketing? First of all let us look at why you should embark on that specific mission of building relationships first.

Ninety Seven percent of people do not make money in our industry because they fail to realise that building great relationships are a vital part of prospecting and sponsoring. With a few exceptions, most people will not make any significant amounts of money at all. Most are too lazy to take the time to speak or chat to people. They will not do what is required to be successful, period.

Let me be blunt here, if you do not build relationships on a regular basis your business will probably not be here in 6 to 12 months time and all that money you have spent on your primary business will be money thrown down the drain.

The position you want to get to with people is that they are actively seeking more information about you, either by reading more of your articles, visiting your blog or exploring your main business opportunity.

So how do you build rapport?

The first thing in building rapport is that you have to be genuine and authentic, whether you are a guru, seasoned professional or a complete beginner. If you deviate away from honesty and integrity then do not even bother to get going in the first place.

When you communicate with people on Facebook and other social media sites just be relaxed and have a normal conversation with people. It is a bit like being at a party or talking in a bar with someone.

Keep the conversation light and take your time getting to know a little bit about people. If you have a business do not pitch at all, because if you build rapport in the right way, then they will click the link for your website, in their search to find out more about you.

Building rapport is an art that few people conquer because they are too hasty and have little or no patience. You have to work on it and build rapport slowly. Rapport will be the first ทางเข้า ufabet ภาษาไทย thing that you will build and then you can gain trust and credibility.

How do you build trust?

As you have already read if you do not build a good rapport with people then you can forget about attempting to build trust.

I personally think one of the first things that you can do is keep your promises. If you say that you are going to do something, then make sure you keep your word.

Trust begins when that particular person, who you are communicating with, is comfortable either chatting or talking to you through the different communication channels. In other words they are opening up to you gradually and there is an exchange of dialogue.

Building trust is an ongoing journey where you move towards credibility slowly and you need rapport, trust and credibility to complete the circle and build a long-term contact, maybe for life.

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