Five Great Entertainment Sites Once You’re on Satellite Internet

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Five Great Entertainment Sites Once You’re on Satellite Internet

If you’ve been trying to keep up with anything, whether it’s the real news or the entertainment news, on a dial-up connection, you’re going to find things next to impossible to accomplish. Because so many websites count on things like streaming video and a whole bunch of different images, they will never quite load correctly if you’re dealing with a modem that uses a regular phone line. And for anyone who is living out of range for typical cable or broadband internet connections, that used to be the only option around for connecting to the internet that didn’t require a long drive in a car relationship tips.

Thankfully, the frustration of trying to find out what’s happening in the world of entertainment now doesn’t require sitting through endless shows on E! and TMZ. Today, satellite internet is now available to people all over the country, regardless of how close they are to the broadband or cable connection. And once you make the switch, everything from streaming internet to pages awash in photos that have been commented on in MS Paint can finally happen quickly and whenever you like.

Perez Hilton – Once just a D-lister who made enough to pay for web hosting by writing about celebrities from his local coffee shop, Mario Lavandeira (a.k.a. Perez Hilton) has managed to turn his website into a serious sensation, netting himself radio and television slots, as well as his own book. But if you’re looking for all of the celebrity news as seen through the lens of Perez, there’s no better place to point your internet than towards his bright pink page. With its image-heavy approach to celebrity gossip, it’ll load a whole lot quicker if you’re visiting via satellite internet.

TMZ – If you’re looking for everyone from political figures to sports professionals alongside your typical stories of reality tv stars, models, and actors, then TMZ is the place for it. While it’s more of a conglomerate of gossip writers and photographers, this other original gossip website has managed to net itself its own television show, and still breaks major stories time and time again. Streaming video and a multimedia experience are one of the reasons that it’s managed to grow and remain relevant with the times.

The Huffington Post – Thought that the only thing that The Huffington Post covered was simple politics? It’s a whole lot more broad based than that. All of the entertainment news from Los Angeles and beyond is easy to obtain if you dig through the daily posts on the Huffington Post, which manages to break stories while also offering a more highbrow and comprehensive approach to entertainment news. With embedded video aplenty, it’s another entertainment site that benefits from being visited on your satellite internet connection. – If you’re looking for the best way to organize your television viewing experience, then you should definitely look online at the official TV Guide website. With comprehensive listings that go a lot further than just next week, makes it easy to figure out what you want to watch this evening. And if you’d like to share your own opinion, there’s space for you to contribute on the various different show descriptions and episode recaps.

Rotten Tomatoes – In case you need to plan your next movie-going outing or want to check out what trailers are new in one spot, this is the most reliable place. With Rotten Tomatoes, there’s definite focus on the algorithm that determines a score based on what all of the critics have been saying about different movies. And with a speedier satellite internet connection, you’re able to read the numerous reviews faster, as well as to watch clips from “The Rotten Tomatoes” show on Current, where hosts Brett and Ellen provide reviews of the week’s new releases, as well as hilarious countdowns and Top 10 lists on a weekly basis.

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